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Safety Loss Management System (SLMS)

SolutionCorp helps companies develop pipeline safety and loss management system (SLMS) that includes corporate policies and processes to manage pipeline operating risks relating to the public, the environment, employees, and property.

 The SLMS includes the following elements:

  • risk management (hazard identification, assessment, and mitigation) and other risk management processes such as leak detection (i.e., ongoing monitoring).

  • integrity management programs, including planning and oversight for preventive maintenance, hydrotechnical and geotechnical programs, leak detection, and inactive pipelines.

  • operation and maintenance procedures that are safe, effective, and relevant and implemented in support of the company’s integrity management programs.

  • corporate policies, including data retention, training, and continuous improvement initiatives.


Each company is unique, and developing these processes is not a “one size fits all” approach. SolutionCorp works to understand what processes are in place currently, then helps the producer build an appropriate SLMS that fits the company's size and scope.

Safety Checklist
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