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Aerial Pipeline Right of Way Inspections (ROW)

Since the annual pipeline right of way inspections (ROWs) are a requirement of the energy-regulating sector, we are able to provide a very cost-effective aerial ROW inspection. Using a fixed-wing aircraft and the latest in digital imagery and GIS technology, we are able to give our clients cutting-edge service at a competitive price.

In 2023, SolutionCorp invested in the Falcon-XL Aerial Methane Detection system. A simple, easy-to-use methane detection system for fixed-wing aircraft, the Falcon-XL was built to drastically lower the cost of leak surveys for pipeline owners. Designed for fixed-wing aircraft, this system can be operated for a fraction of the cost of traditional helicopter systems.

The Falcon-XL can be implemented as part of a pipeline integrity management program to comply with latest leak detection requirements of the new DOT and EPA regulations. This system allows existing pipeline patrol aircraft to find gas leaks while on routine patrols.

For special circumstances, we also have drone capability. We have a licensed RPAS pilot to flight plan and fly your pipeline ROW, orthomosaics and flair surveys. The orthomosaics can give area, volume and elevation information - for instance measuring a spill.

Methane Detection Camera
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