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Pipeline Manual & IMP Design

SolutionCorp Inc. has created over 1,500 pipeline manuals for our clients, our pipeline manual has been audited over 25 times by the provincial regulators and meets all the requirements.

The pipeline manual is designed to be an operational tool, and is primarily utilized by the operators to "guide" them to ensure the proper mitigation tasks are being carried out on the pipelines and the proper documentation is being filled out on the tasks that were completed.

The manual has the maps and specific pipeline data for the specific pipelines it covers, and is designed for on-line deployment or hard copy manuals on the shelf. The IMP manual is designed to be a guideline for the corporation in regards to CSA Z662 Annex-N. It captures that 13 elements that are required for Annex N and details the "risk management" approach to pipelines that the company owns and operates.

SolutionCorp. believes the manuals we create for our clients are concise, and meet the minimum requirements of the regulations, you will not find unnecessary details, but just the requirements that you need to keep your pipeline safe.

Pipeline Manuals
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