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Pipeline Integrity Services

At SolutionCorp Inc., you are looking at integrity from every aspect. By providing cost-effective yet quality assessment, we reduce risk, ensure compliance and safeguard your assets. Our pipeline and facility integrity experts make sure that your assets are meeting all safety standards, delivery obligations and are functioning optimally and efficiently to assuage any risk associated with circumstances affecting the environment.

As your compliance company we specialize in managing integrity and compliance to pressure containing infrastructure for small to medium upstream oil and gas producers in western Canada. Our service solutions include but are not limited to the following:

  • compliance to the CAPP-BMP/AER requirements for fugitive emission management   and detection

  • risk-based assessments, utilizing industry-leading GIS environment

  • pipeline risk management

  • aerial pipeline surveys with three-fixed wing aircraft from our fleet and very cost-effective solutions for ROW inspections

  • safety programs

  • vessel PEIMS programs

  • competency evaluation and training

  • pipeline mitigating and monitoring design

  • integrity assessments, failure analysis, discontinuation and abandonment services

  • turn key-asset management "Commissioning to Retirement"

Example of our pipeline integrity services
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