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Pressure Equipment Integrity Management

Pressure Integrity Management includes but is not limited to:

  • Inspection and examination of all pressure components (any item operating above 105 kpa pressure) in service that fall under the CSA B51 codes ASME codes. These components fall under the administration of the ABSA, the pressure equipment safety authority.

  • Integrity management uses several methods of examination and inspection to determine the continued integrity and safety of all pressure equipment components administered by ABSA and its Safety Codes Regulations.

Management of pressure equipment includes but is not limited to:

  • Service and repair of pressure relief devices.

  • Service and repair of pressure vessels and pressure piping.

  • Examination and inspection of pressure containing components.

  • Management and updating of all pressure equipment and inspection information.

  • Part of the process is the development, implementation, and updating of owner managed inspection and integrity programs under the ABSA rules and regulations


SolutionCorp also has their own QMP program and three chief inspectors.

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