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One Stop Pipeline Submissions

SolutionCorp. has the expertise to manage your submissions to the regulators. This includes substance and MOP changes, lines split and graphic shape files, resumptions, discontinuation and abandonment submission.

We offer technical/engineering assessments for our clients to assist with the requirements of amending the pipeline and ensure that the amendment is accepted by the regulator. The process may include field inspections, camera inspections and cut-out analysis along with other procedures.

We have proven our ability to successfully prepare, submit and have applications approved for 24 producers. We take pride in providing submission packages that meet AER requirements during the AER approval process and support random AER submission audits.  The best part about our process being: our most cost-effective solutions for your company to navigate the AER OneStop process.

With our experience and low cost to perform submissions, why would you take another route?

Pipeline License Amendment Form
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