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Corrosion Monitoring

At SolutionCorp Inc. we understand our clients' needs and the importance of reducing costs. Therefore, corrosion monitoring becomes vital to our operation timeline. Corrosion monitoring is a key component to understanding the corrosive characteristics that a pipeline is being exposed to. Whether the operating parameters of the gathering system require a high-pressure Cossasco dual disc coupon holder, a low pressure deploy ladder style coupon or ER/LPR probes, we have our clients covered.

Our specialists and expert technicians have the experience and the knowledge to design and customize a corrosion monitoring system that will provide data critical to making decisions on mitigation strategies and techniques.


The benefits of corrosion monitoring allow the client to see inside the pipeline, enabling us to identify problems, such as high-corrosion rate and apply our mitigation strategy before damage to the pipeline.

Pipeline with corrosion hole
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