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At the core of what SolutionCorp. Inc. does for its clients is the emphasis to work together, collaboratively with them to improve compliance and safety. With a dedicated group of specialists we put safety at the forefront of our operations, thereby ensuring that our clients are being served well.

Since the annual pipeline right of way inspections (ROWs) are a requirement of the energy-regulating sector, we
are able to provide a very cost-effective aerial ROW inspection. Using a fixed-wing aircraft and the latest in digital imagery and GIS technology, we are able to give our clients cutting-edge service at a competitive price.

At SolutionCorp. we invest in R&D to keep up to date with all the latest technology. In 2015-16, we focused mainly on ROW enhancements to assist our clients' needs and provide the best cost-effective approach in the industry. ROW has grown to be an important area for us and we will continue to improve and customize it according to our customers' needs.

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